On August 28, 2019 at 6:30 pm, Conference Network Dinner is included in the program "NANO 2019", which consists from:

1. Excursion to the museum-cultural complex "Lvivarnya".

The “Lvivarnaya” Museum of Beer History is one of the most modern museums in Ukraine, which has no analogues. Thanks to the museum's interactive exhibits, every visitor can feel like a real brewer, touch the history of beer and look into the brewing process. Everything here can be touched, everything can be photographed, it is more than a museum. 10 exhibition halls, more than 200 non-hidden showpieces! In addition, “Lvivarnaya” is a modern art centre where take place exhibitions of contemporary art, concerts and cultural events. Here you can find out how and when beer originated, why firstly this beverage drank through a straw, and about the development of brewing in Lviv. The ancient attributes of brewers will be shown to visitors and will even be offered to set fire to Lviv, as it happened in 1527. In the basement of the museum, to visitors are shown where the beer story began and tell about the Sumerian kingdom, Babylon and Egypt. The first beer from barley and wheat, without the addition of hops, was brewed by the Sumerians. The bas-relief at the beginning of the exposition depicts people who drink a beer through straws. The guide will explain that the beer was not filtered, so it was drunk through a straw in order to the sediment and grain do not interfere with the people. Drinking beer from glasses began in Assyria. The work of the brewer in Egypt and Babylon was so revered that people of this profession were exempted even from military service. The Egyptians liked the beer so much that even in the burials of the Pharaohs, they put in the figures of the brewers to brew them a beer after their death. A detailed timeline of beer distribution in the world can be seen at one of the 'Lvivarnya" stands. From its, we learn that Nefertiti was able to brew beer well, who acquainted Europe with beer and when it began to add hops. The first Bavarian monks to add hops to beer in the VIII-IX centuries, which found that hops give to beer a special taste and strength, and also extends its shelf life. The year 1516 was a landmark in the medieval history of beer. Then was issued the Bavarian Beer Law. It allowed to brew beer only from hops, malt and water. The first documented brewery in Lviv was founded in 1425. Only married men who had previously completed two years of training were admitted there. According to the old engravings of the XVI-XVII centuries, the museum recreated the layout of the ancient brewers' tower, which was once on the modern Basement street. The men who worked in the shop had to defend their tower during the war. In one of the halls of the museum, visitors might see a fire in 1527, which burned almost all of the city. The large screen depicts wooden houses. The guide will ask visitors to set them on fire. From a small spark to a large fire, visitors see how the city burned in 1527. Then a fire broke out in the brewery building. Since then, breweries have only been allowed to open in the suburbs. In 1715, the Jesuit monks founded the brewery 'Lvivarnya". One of the most famous entrepreneurs who developed the brewery was Mr Robert Doms.

2. Tasting at the “Hop’s House of Robert Dom” of four beers produced at “Lviv Brewery” and two types of snacks

Cost of the Сonference Network Dinner – 250 UAH.