Dear participant of the poster session of the 9th International Conference "Nanotechnologies and Nanomaterials" NANO-2021

The poster session will be held as in offline format as in online.

In the offline part (for the participants who will arrive in Lviv) the speakers will give oral, poster and plenary reports in House of Scientists in Lviv, where the participants will be able to make plenary, oral and poster presentations; to participate in discussions, to have live meetings, and to visit excursion and conference cocktail party.

The live part of the conference will be held on 2021 August 25-27 in the House of Scientists in Lviv: https://historical-landmark-61.business.site/

Since the COVID-19 situation some participants will be unable to attend in Lviv and participate in discussions face to face.

To make all the conference participants easy to discuss and contact each other all the posters will be posted on the official NANO 2020 conference web and Facebook pages Nanotechnology and nanomaterials (@nanoConference).

The posters could be discussed in three ways:

  1. Face to face: between participants who will arrive to Lviv.
  2. ine:
  3. In the comments on the official NANO 2020 conference web and Facebook page under the according poster.
  4. Through the e-mail of the corresponding author, contacts of whom will be posted in the poster description.

Please prepare your posters according the Poster guidelines, below:

Poster guidelines:

  • The size of the poster should be: А1 vertical
  • Space your information proportionally: divide your poster into three or four sections, and place your materials within those spaces.
  • Use large text (your text should be at least 18-24 pt; headings 30-60 pt; title >72pt).
  • Choose colors carefully and pay attention to contrast.
  • Cropping, Margins and Spacing: All edges and margins should be straight and even.
  • Don't overcrowd space and be attentive to balance from top to bottom and from the side margins.
  • Organize your elements into columns.
  • White space: (the area not covered with text or graphics): Not too much (or the viewer's eye will wander). Not too little (or you'll confuse and overwhelm your viewer).

Posters should have the following information.

  • Title (with authors and affiliations)
  • Introduction / Objectives / Aims
  • Methods
  • Results
  • Conclusion
  • References
  • Acknowledgements
  • Contact information

Posters should stimulate discussion. Therefore, emphasize graphics, and make sure every item in your poster is necessary.

Describe well the graphic information on your poster.

Do not overcharge poster with text or graphics, keep balance.

Make the information on the poster complicated to make it easy readable and understandable by other participants.

Important: Please indicate first and last name of corresponding author and his contact email for discussion the content of poster.

The posters should be sent to the conference e-mail: conference.nano@gmail.com The posters should be sent in a pdf format. The deadline for sending the posters is 10 August 2021. The posters sent after this date will not be published.

Download the poster template