Dear participants of the conference NANO-2019!

The conference organizing committee prepared for you a list of recommended hotels in Lviv for the period of the conference NANO-2019.

Please note that the hotels are recommended, we are not responsible for the accommodation of the conference participants, so all questions regarding booking please contact the hotel and the hostel by yourself!


Premier Hotel Dnister is a prestigious hotel complex close to the Lviv Polytechnic and the Ivan Franko Park. Located at the st. Matejka 6.

The hotel offers the following type of rooms - "Classic", "Premier" and "Lux". All rooms are double, single occupancy, includes breakfast. An additional tourist fee of 1% is must be paid.

For the participants of the conference from August 26 till 31, 2019, the hotel provides a 15% discount on accommodation in “Classic” rooms, and 25% in the rooms of the category "Premier" and "Lux" from the current tariff.

To get a discount, you need to use the NANO-2019 promo code at the hotel's website or contact the hotel sales office.


Hotel chain JAM is two hotel complexes in the center of Lviv city, at the Gnatyuka st. 6 and Copernicus st. 18a. The hotel offers for all conference participants the following type of rooms – “Econom”, "Standard" and "Standard +" with a discount of 20%.

To get a discount, you need to use the promo code НАНО-2019 at the site or contact the sales department of the hotel.


Hotel Leotel is a hotel restaurant complex, located in the historic part of Lviv at the Lukianivska st. 3. It offers the following type of rooms - “Econom”, “Standard”, “Business Standard” and “Lux”. Breakfast is not included in the room rate but the hotel has a 10% discount on food at the Leotel Restaurant.

For detailed information and reservations you can visit http://www.leotel.lviv.ua/


Lviv Polytechnic University, as the co-organizer of the conference "NANO-2019" offers 2 and 3-bedrooms in a hostel. The rooms have a refrigerator and shower, medium condition. Estimated cost of living is 200 UAH. For more information, please contact them by the tel.

For more information please contact Nikitiuk Zenoviy Matveyevich +38(067) 2715410 and Lukyanets Bogdan Antonovich +38(067)4076798 lukbog@ua.fm


See you in Lviv!